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Price Companies is a San Antonio-based real estate development company that specializes in the selection, acquisition, financing and development of real estate projects, and the construction, marketing, management and sale of commercial and residential properties across Texas. The company creates well thought-out and meaningful developments that bring long-lasting value to the greater community and to the people who live, work and play there. Through public-private partnerships, creative problem solving and years of experience in real estate, Price Companies has the track record, the professional connections and the expertise to create value out of complicated and stressed situations.




As the first master-planned community in Schertz, Texas, The Crossvine is the realization of a distinct vision and a strategic collaboration between the developer and the City. The phased mixed-use project will feature an array of housing types, amenities and commercial areas, and will play an integral role in bringing long-lasting value to the rapidly growing City of Schertz.

Once an underutilized state-owned dead space in Central Austin, Central Park is now a vibrant mixed-use real estate development – home to greenscapes and walking trails, a variety of retail and office spaces, a multi-family development, a heart hospital and the flagship location of HEB’s Central Market grocery store.


The Triangle is a dense urban infill project in Central Austin that went through many iterations during its development process – and the final product is more robust because of it. Incorporating elements of New Urbanism, The Triangle features a variety of retail and restaurant spaces, pedestrian-friendly green areas and luxury apartment homes, all within a 22-acre area.

Paseo Del Este is a master-planned community in eastern El Paso that not only adds value to the lives of its residents, but also to the overall City of El Paso. Overcoming almost a decade of development obstacles, acres of dirt in the Chihuahuan Desert were transformed into a buzzing community made up of successful residential, commercial, recreational and industrial uses.


Stuff Hotel is a group of ten self-storage facilities in Texas and Mississippi owned and operated by Price Companies. The Stuff Hotel brand differentiates itself from others in the saturated self-storage industry with a dedication to customer service, an overarching identity for the disparate facilities and a name that incorporates levity about, well, people’s stuff.

A family-owned bike shop in northern San Antonio, Bike City sets itself apart from others in the marketplace with an approachable and knowledgeable staff, reputable cycling lines and accessories and an emphasis on bicycle repair.

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