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Standing out in the competitive self-storage industry with creative branding and an emphasis on customer service


Stuff Hotel is a chain of ten self-storage facilities owned and operated by Price Companies throughout the state of Texas and in Mississippi. Until recently, each of these storage facilities had distinct identities and brands, with no cohesive, overarching features to unite them. As more facilities entered the mix, this issue made operations inefficient– so, Price Companies came up with a solution: to consolidate the disparate facilities into one centralized brand and unite them to create brand recognition.

‘Stuff Hotel’ emerged, a service oriented self-storage company

that privileges the experience of self-storage.


Through innovative branding, an emphasis on customer service and a creative view of self-storage, Stuff Hotel is able to thrive in a competitive and saturated industry. At Stuff Hotel, customers and their storage items are treated with respect and care and employees are encouraged to foster relationships with their clients over the phone, in person and over the Internet.

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